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My approach to design.

Data Driven

Every project starts with research and data.

Innately Curious

Being naturally curious means being open to new methods and solutions.

User and Business Needs

Considering user and business needs is a balancing act to benefit both parties.


My best UX projects

uDo Platform

Web & iOS Applications

DHX Media Projects

Web & iOS/Android Apps


Mobile Banking App Feature

Imagine Nation

Social Media Strategy & Microsite

Gems Mobile App


Mobile Shopping Application

Grumpy Vancouver Weather

SVG Animation/ API integration


An overview of my process using Stash as a case study.

  • Opportunity

    Let's just face it, saving money is boring. The goal of this project was to find a way to help young people save money through a mobile banking feature.

  • Research

    • Market Research was gathered in Evernote
    • Lean validating on the streets of Vancouver
    • Competitive Analysis
    • User Surveys
    Detailed research helped create data-driven personas.

  • Interviews

    Through asking about their past experiences, I found that Millennials don't want to analyze every expense , they just need relevant information in the moment they are spending.

  • Wireframes

    After sketching, I found setting up the feature took too many steps and needed to be simplified. Example Goals made setting up the feature easier and quicker.

  • Mock-ups

    I created pixel-perfect mock-ups in Photoshop, focusing on making the design clean and cheerful.

  • Interactive Prototype

    I quickly coded a prototype using HTML/CSS, SASS and JQuery. Four guerilla user tests were conducted and changes to the copy were made to make the feature easier to understand.


My name is Madison, and I'm a Vancouver-based user experience designer. I've always had an innate desire to help people and a keen interest in technology. My background in marketing and research helps me consider business needs while still championing the end user's experience. I'm known for my clear communication style and technical chops. When I'm not designing digital experiences, you can find me making jewellery and biking all around Vancouver.

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